Myriophyllum spicatum

Myriophyllum can be submerged or marginal aquatic rhizomatous perennials, with finely dissected submerged leaves and small or minute flowers, solitary or in spikes from the leaf axils

M. spicatum is a submerged aquatic perennial with branched shoots bearing whorls of leaves pinnately divided into hairlike segments, with minute dull red flowers in spikes above the water surface, in summer

Common Name: spiked water milfoil
Family: Haloragaceae
Color flower: Dark Red in Summer
Hardiness: old H4 (hardy)
Color foliage: Green in Autumn, Spring and Summer
Height: Up to 10 cm
Habit: Submerged
Habit: Generally pest free
Pruning: Cut back regularly to avoid excessive growth
Spreadid: East-facing
Time to ultimate height: 5-10 years
Exposure: Grow in baskets of loamy soil in water at a depth of 1m in full sun
Garden characteristics: Low Maintenance or Wildlife Gardens