Chrysanthemum ‘Gold Mundial’

Chrysanthemum are erect woody-based perennials with aromatic, pinnately lobed leaves and flowerheads of diverse form, from late summer to late autumnMedium-flowered Indoor Anemone flowered chrysanthemums are tender perennials with single flowerheads, the inner florets enlarged forming a dome-shaped central boss

‘Gold Mundial’ is a free-flowering spray chrysanthemum with anemone-centred flowers, the florets dull gold, paler on the reverse

Common Name: chrysanthemum ‘Gold Mundial’
Family: Asteraceae
Color flower: Yellow in Autumn
Hardiness: H2 (tender – cool or frost-free greenhouse)
Color foliage: Green in Autumn, Spring and Summer
Height: 0.5-1 metres
Habit: Bushy
Habit: Susceptible to leaf and bud eelworms, aphids, glasshouse whitefly, glasshouse red spider mite and capsid bug
Pruning: Pinch out growing tips and disbud as required
Spreadid: West-facing
Time to ultimate height: 1-2 years
Exposure: Grow in a cold frame in a loam-based potting compost and move into a warm glasshouse in early autumn. Provide bright filtered light with good ventilation and a minimum temperature of 10 °C. During the growing season water moderately and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser weekly
Garden characteristics: Banks and Slopes, City/Courtyard Gardens, Coastal, Cottage/Informal Garden, Flower borders and beds or Patio/Container Plants