Cyclamen coum AGM

Cyclamen are tuberous perennials with rounded, sometimes angular, leaves which are often attractively mottled. The nodding, characteristically shaped flowers have 5 reflexed and twisted petals, often with dark markings at the base

C. coum is a perennial to 10cm, with rounded leaves sometimes marbled with silver on the upper surface. Flowers 2cm in width, deep pink, with a purple blotch at the base of each lobe, open from late winter

Common Name: eastern cyclamen
Family: Primulaceae
Color flower: Purple and Dark Pink in Spring and Winter
Hardiness: H5 (hardy – cold winter)
Color foliage: Green and Grey/Silver in
Height: Up to 10 cm
Habit: Tufted
Habit: Mice and squirrels may be a problem; vine weevil can attack pot-grown plants
Pruning: No pruning required
Spreadid: South-facing
Time to ultimate height: 2-5 years
Exposure: Plant 5cm deep in moderately fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Avoid excessive summer moisture and mulch well when leaves wither
Garden characteristics: Patio/Container Plants, Rock Garden or Underplanting of Roses and Shrubs