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Cyperus papyrus in your pation – nice and useful plant.

cyperus_alternifoliusIf you have small garden or a patio you can consider such an interesting plant as Papyrus or cyperus.


This is interesting plant which is not only very decorative but also it can clean air.

Please note! Cyperus need wet environment and lots of water!


Cyperus can be annuals or evergreen, rhizomatous perennials, with linear, grass-like leaves and terminal clusters of small greenish flower-spikes with spreading leaf-like bracts beneath

C. papyrus is a tender aquatic perennial forming a clump of erect stems with rounded umbels to 30cm wide, composed of many slender stalks each bearing a small light brown flower-head

Common Name: papyrus
Color flower: Brown in Summer
Hardiness: H1a (heated greenhouse – tropical)
Color foliage: Green in Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter
Height: 2.5-4 metres
Habitid: Bushy
Pests: Generally pest free
Pruning: Cut back dead material in autumn
Spreadid: West-facing
Time to ultimate height: 2-5 years
Exposure: Under glass grow in loam-based potting compost in bright filtered light. Water freely in summer and maintain high humidity. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly. Can be grown outdoors as a bog or marginal plant
Garden characteristics: Patio/Container Plants